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if you don’t laugh you’ll cry

2020 – The year has started off by reminding us that the high street is dying with continuous jobs being lost, Brexit is still looming and the climate crisis has kickstarted the year by killing half a billion animals in Australia’s bushfires. And now CORONAVIRUS!!

However – 2020 is the year in which public concern for the environment has increased, sparking people to make so many positive changes to help our suffering eco-system. Same-Sex marriage has finally become legalised in Northern Ireland. Also, luckily for us, the number of pubs in the UK have increased for the first time in a single decade.

DIY YOUTH has now opened submissions for it’s 4th open call – If You Don’t Laugh, You’ll Cry

Please send us art that you have made that makes us laugh or smile as a response to anything shitty that has gone on. Or maybe send us art that inspires and motivates us when we feel we need it most. We even welcome positively ironic/sarcastic responses that may reflect on depressing statistics or situations – because if we don’t laugh at it, we’ll cry.

We are accepting all forms of weird and wonderful printable and uplifting art to create our forth publication. For the first time, we are also accepting other forms of creative responses to our open call (e.g. videography, sound/music) to be exhibited alongside the publication, and shared online via our website. The aim would be for us to exhibit all chosen submissions alongside the launch of the publication – as we did previously.

Submission guidelines

Please send us 1-5 examples of your printable art for our publication OR other file types for the exhibition submission (e.g. – mov/.wav/.mp3) for the exhibition. For the publication, please submit 1-5 high quality file types to us – this could be high quality jpeg’s or tif files for those that submit photographs.

We also require a written statement to support your submission. This can be however long or short you may require it to be. If your submission is a piece of writing, this will not be needed.

Please send all submissions to diyyouthsubmissions@gmail.com

Deadline for all submissions will be April 1st 2020 (and that’s no joke).