Although this blog usually shows photographs taken mostly by ‘photographers’, its always important to branch out and look at how other artists and art forms use imagery. Graphic Designer Chrish Dunne for instance has distorted the usual perception of an image by using an old photocopier and then a scanner to add more defects to the image, pushing the boundaries by questioning what is actually considered a ‘photograph’. The series was  printed into a zine around and about 5 years ago (so here’s a golden oldie for ya).




The content is intentionally simplistic and the images don’t really need contextualised. There isn’t any need for writing really in the zine and it hugely benefits from the lack of it. The publication includes 20 full bleed ‘photographs’ featuring heavily distorted portrait images of i’m guessing Chrish’s buddies. The stand out feature of the zine is without a doubt it’s design, and as Chrish is a Graphic Designer by trade this evidently shows his skillset in the making of it.

ALSO, the title ‘Fuck Faced’ describes the zine perfectly. 10/10 for that.



It’s a 20 page, 2-color risograph zine printed on 80gsm recycled paper which is rather small and portable, sized smaller than a5 but is slightly bigger than a6. It’s been hand chopped and stapled bound which makes you want to handle the delicate zine with care.

A special little finish to this zine is the added use of the Evercolour Pale Pink paper stock, used differently in replacement of a normal full front and back cover by instead using a folded cut out section of the paper.  The cover however still uses printed text to title the cover and add the artists name and website. I’ve never before seen a design like this (well in printed photography zines anyway) and it’s a really interesting and unconventional way of playing around with design and making it that much more unique to anything else.

Also, Chrish purposely used ethically sourced recycled stock as it’s planet friendly, which he finds greatly important (10/10 marks on doing your bit for the environment, which is very much appreciated DIY YOUTH woooo!!!).

This zine was made at the Leeds based ethical printer ‘Footprint works cooperative’. 


I also really like how the word ‘Fuck’ is printed across bold in red across the pink cover whilst the word ‘Faced’ is printed directly onto the first printed image, so both the cover and the first page are integrated together which is a really unique and creative way of designing the zine.


£4 (inc postage). Considering the amount of care that has gone into the process of this zine, especially through it’s thoughtful and hands on design considerations and its chosen printed methods, I feel this is a super cheap price to pay for the hard work that has gone into the making of the zine.

What could be changed/improved?

Personally, if i had to change anything about the zine i’d want to see the images printed in colour. Although the black and white risograph makes the aesthetics of the images appear raw, gritty and high in contrast, I feel that even if there was other bold colours used in the mix, or instead not using black and white and using different colours instead, the images would’ve extremely benefitted if they went all out, bat-shit crazy with bold, experimental colours to fit with the context of the images. Even possibly just using the colour palette maybe from a pixelated/static colour tv would make the images pop more I reckon.

OVERALL it’s a cool little zine to have and it’s probably going to be hugely different to any other zine you own. Worth picking one for up such a cheap price.

Where can i pick one up??

Chrish is currently about to set up selling a few copies of FUCKED FACED via his website, but for the meantime you can contact him and keep up with Chrish’s work via following him via his Instagram here.

– – – – – – 

If you would like to submit your zine to DIY YOUTH to be reviewed, contact us directly via the website contact form here

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