Meanwhile Press No.1

Who are you and where are you based?

Mark Buchanan (Meanwhile Press), Newcastle upon Tyne.

When did you form Meanwhile Press and how did it come to form?

Meanwhile was an idea I’d held onto for a while before starting out in early 2014. It came to light as a creative outlet to save me from the mundanity of the 9-5 office job I had at the time. After work I needed something I was passionate about to kick start my brain again. At work I used the office resources wisely and spent a lot of time productively skiving.

What are the aims of Meanwhile Press?

Our aim is to provide a platform for anyone with a camera to showcase their work by allowing emerging and established photographers to share pages in a zine or wall space at an art show.

Meanwhile Press No.2 ft front cover image taken by Andrew Hall
Images left: John Bucci                              Images right: James Unwin

What projects has Meanwhile Press got on the go at the moment?

There’s a handful of projects currently underway and a few ideas being bounced back and fourth to get the ball rolling on others. My main focus at the minute is working on two new books with my friends Michael O’Grady and David Hutt. Both will be released in time for a group exhibition we’re working on at Three Tanners Bank before the year is out.

I know Meanwhile Press often puts out calls for submissions internationally to gain images for collaborative zines showcasing a range of photographers works. What kind of imagery do you hope to receive and publish within your zines?

Any photographs the submitter is excited about and anything that’s a bit unusual, unpredictable or spur of the moment. Although I mainly shoot black and white, I love how colour heavy the group releases usually are, it makes putting them together and working out a flow much more interesting.

Meanwhile Press are currently doing an open call for submissions relating to the theme ‘community’ for their 5th collaborative group zine. If you’re interested in submitting, send your images over to


What initially got you interested in photography?


As a practicing photographer yourself, who are you directly inspired by in the photography world?

Ed Templeton was the first photographer I really got into and is still one of my biggest influences to date. Deanna Templeton. The film Beautiful Losers (although not 100% photography) is inspiring on so many levels. The film Everybody Street. The book Invisible City by Ken Schles. Anything Cali Thornhill DeWitt is doing and I recently came across “Meadow Well-An English Estate” by Steve Conlan whose work is now a huge inspiration.

Have you got any personal projects going on at the moment?

I’m currently working on a new zine of photos I’ve shot over the past year. It’ll cover a wide mix of subjects like my previous zine but I’m planning on adding some graphic content and getting a bit more adventurous with layouts this time round.

What are your future aspirations for Meanwhile Press?

There’s a ton of hardworking local photographers and artists I don’t feel get the recognition they deserve. I’m planning on focusing more of my time on them and my friends instead of always looking outside like I’ve done in the past. I’ll still always be on the look out for photographers worldwide, but Newcastle and the North East in general has a lot going on that often gets overlooked and I’d like to start collaborating with these people, publish some zines and arrange more events.

What advice would you recommend to young photographers seeking to get work published/people wanting to form an independent publishing company?

You want your work published? – Research the publisher and send them work relevant to what they do. Don’t copy and paste the same email to everyone. Be polite. You should probably do it yourself anyway. Don’t take it too seriously.

 Do it yourself? – Dive in head first. Fuck up. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t rush. Don’t use the Black Flag font. Don’t use the Thrasher font. Don’t take it too seriously.

(It seems I don’t have the 3rd zine to scan whooopsy but here’s their latest collaborative zine)
Meanwhile Press No.4 TOUGH LUCK (2016) ft front cover image (left) taken by Taylor Bamrick
Image left: James Rollo                                     Image right: Adam Griffiths
Image left: Charlie Addison (he’s alright at photography… I suppose..)                                  Image right: 100% one of the world’s most exciting upcoming photographers

You can keep up with Meanwhile Press via their website, their Instagram and Facebook!

You can also follow Mark Buchanan’s own work via his website and Instagram!

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