Who are you and where are you currently based?

I’m Amy Warwick, I’m based in Essex in the UK.


All images are taken by Amy Warwick.


When did you form Blame Your Parents Press? How did you come up with the name for it?

I started Blame Your Parents Press in November 2016 for a university module. I was studying photography but wanted to start a collaborative project where I could curate and publish other peoples work in zines, so starting a small press made a lot of sense. I named the press after my first self-published zine, which was named Blame Your Parents after a photo I took of some graffiti I saw in Brighton. I never found out who did it and it’s been painted over now, but shouts to whoever sprayed Blame Your Parents on a wall down The Lanes.


All images are taken by Amy Warwick.


What’s the aim of BYP Press? Why did you form it?

The aim is to celebrate and explore youth culture and to provide a platform for photographers and creatives to showcase their work and get a bit of recognition.


So far, what’s BYP’s biggest achievements to date?

I think publishing “5:30am, Lets Light A Spliff” by Adam Krajcir at the beginning of the year was a milestone. It was the first zine published through BYP that isn’t just my work and isn’t a group zine, it’s a book of work by one photographer. I love Adam’s work so it was sick to be able to curate it and publish it. Getting zines stocked in some of my favourites galleries/book shops is mad as well. (See Adam Krajcir’s work here)


What have you currently got going on with BYP Press?

There is currently an open call for submissions for a new group zine which I am sooo excited about. BYP will publish a zine about more than just film photography for the first time ever. It’ll be out this summer and I can’t wait. A new zine of my personal work and a new t-shirt will also be released this summer.


OPEN CALL: “Send in your photography, illustrations, paintings, drawings, anything. 1-5 jpegs to along with your name, insta and where you’re based. Everyone is welcome to get involved. Deadline May 31st”

As a practicing photographer yourself, what originally got you interested in photography?

When I was 12 or 13 I wanted to be able to take photos like the photos I saw in Sidewalk Magazine which was my favourite magazine at the time, so I got a cheap compact camera and started taking photos of my friends skating. I remember the photos being awful but I had so much fun doing it and I guess the obsession grew from there.


How do you balance your time between running BYP and doing your own personal photography work?

I just try not to spend too much time on one and neglect the other, but the two seem to cross over a lot so it’s not too difficult to balance the time. I love doing BYP stuff so I always try to make time for it.


All images are taken by Amy Warwick.


Who are you inspired by?

Everyday British life, the people around me, books and photos and films made by other people. In terms of photographers: Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Cheryl Dunn, Ed Templeton, Bruce Gilden, Daniel Arnold to name a few.


Have you got any personal projects going on at the moment?

Making a new zine that I previously mentioned, it’s about nostalgia and becoming a ‘proper adult’, whatever that means. It’ll be published through BYP so I’m not sure if that still counts as personal. My personal stuff and Blame Your Parents stuff cross over a lot.


All images are taken by Amy Warwick.
All images are taken by Amy Warwick.


Is there a particular style of work you tend to publish via BYP?

So far it’s been film photography with heavy themes of youth culture. Street photography and skate photography too. I want to expand on this though, which is why I’ve decided I want to make the new BYP group zine about more than just photography.


What’re your future goals for BYP?

Publish zines way more regularly! Make cool shit, collaborate with more small press’, support more independent artists and work abroad.


What advice would you recommend to young photographers seeking to get work published?

Make work you love. Look at other books that you’re interested in and think about how you could create something different, what could you bring to the table? Think about why you want to make a book and what you want to say, what story do you want to tell? Narrative is important. Sequencing is important. Go to shows and book launches, don’t be afraid to approach publishers. Consider self-publishing too! Just go for it mannn. This is all advice I’ve been given from photographers and photobook makers and it’s helped me a lot.


All images are taken by Amy Warwick.


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own independent press company?

Do it! Figure out what you want to do / say / publish and just do it and have fun doing it. Maybe also get serious about things like figuring out your target market and making products that will sell so you can make more to fund more products.


You can keep up with Amy’s work via her Website or Instagram!

Keep updated with Blame Your Parents Press via following their Instagram and support them by buying a zine from their online shop!


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