Who are you and where are you currently based?

My name is Cameron Hoerth, I’m 21 and I’m based in Wisconsin, USA.


How would you describe the photography and arts scene in Wisconsin, USA?

I’m sure its huge. Everyone is taking photographs now. Within the film community there’s a good amount. I’d like to think it’s starting to grow and I’m trying to surround myself with other rad photographers.


All images are taken by Cameron Hoerth.


What is your current photographic work about?

The past few years its been about my youth and the transition into adulthood. Recently I have been wondering where my work will go. So it’s in a transitional period i’d say.


What exactly were you trying to communicate using photography to document your journey from youth through to adulthood?

I think I just want a sense of comfort to be shown in my photographs. An honest moment is really what I’m trying to make. A frame that says everything it needs to convey and nothing more. It’s very hard to get a frame but I manage to get a few each year.


All images are taken by Cameron Hoerth.


Got any ideas that you predict your photography work will transition into?

I want to get more personal. I feel my work right now is more personal to the area Im surrounded by. Not so much the people that I am surrounded by. I always enjoy photo books that I’ve come across where its about their life or a look into a friends life and the situations they are overcoming. That’s where I want my work to hopefully go.


What got you interested in photography and taking images?

When I was younger I started skateboarding and I feel like you have to document it. So I picked up filming and editing. After 5 years of that I got into photography and it’s been really rad.


All images are taken by Cameron Hoerth.


Do you think there’s a relationship between skateboarding and photography? e.g. does you feel as if skateboarding encourages people to become interested in photography/filmmaking?

Absolutely! When you’re growing up and you start learning how to skate you want others to see it. You go out and get a camera and start filming. Arto Saari had a good line somewhere basically saying that you need to document it so others saw you actually did it. So I feel they are immersed in each other.

The other reason why I think they go hand in hand is the friendships and travels you participate in are great for making photographs.


Is there any certain subject matter you prefer photographing? Is there anything in particular that draws your eye photographically?

The two main things that stand out are people and midwestern scenes usually involving classic cars. Anything that I feel evokes an emotion I like to photograph.

A goal is to photograph one on one with people more and have them let me into their space. I relate that to my scenes with old (normally left behind) cars. A feeling of connection or more so isolation.


All images are taken by Cameron Hoerth.


Who are you inspired by?

Ed Templeton, Arto Saari, Grant Brittain, French Fred, Tobin Yelland and Larry Clark to name a few. Mainly skateboarding and youth culture photographers.


What in particular inspires you about the photographers/skateboarders you’ve listed above?

Ed templeton just has some of the best work I can relate to. The nostalgia of youth. While I am only 21 I notice the change between youth and adulthood and Im not excited for that. He also just captures daily life and the boring which is fantastic. All the others have very similar styles. Arto and French Fred solely for their skate photos. I never really got into the whole mainstream ‘greats’ of photography.


What are your future aspirations?

I’m moving to Milwaukee in a couple months so the goal is to just connect with creators and hopefully get a collective of people going and to create zines, have photo walks and just grow the film community there.


All images are taken by Cameron Hoerth.


What advice would you recommend to young photographers today?

Shoot what you love and nothing else.


If you’d like to keep up with Cameron’s work you can follow him his Instagram here!


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