Forbidden Fruit 6
All images are taken by Lucie Blissett

Who are you and where are you currently based?

My name is Lucie Blissett and I am currently based in my seaside hometown of Cleethorpes. Recently, I graduated from Leeds Arts University with a degree in Photography and I soon plan to move back to Leeds after the summer.

Why is your aim to move back to Leeds? What do you feel Leeds offers in oppose to other cities as a place for creatives to live and work?

Leeds has so much to offer for creatives to help them feel inspired. Galleries and pop up exhibitions happen all over the city. There are plenty of art and photography stores that provide a haven for artists. There are also collective groups such as Girl Gang Leeds which bring creatives together to collaborate. Leeds has so much to offer to someone like me which is why it is my aim to move back to the place where I studied.

Forbidden Fruit 5
All images are taken by Lucie Blissett

What’s your practice? What themes does your work explore?

I am a fine art photographer and my work tackles female/feminist issues such as gender, sexuality and women’s health. I develop my concepts through the use of colour, texture, light whilst photographing objects and attaching metaphorical meanings to the images. I enjoy working in the genre of still life, as it helps me to emphasise my ideas and create a deeper underlining to my work.

Forbidden Fruit 2
All images are taken by Lucie Blissett

What sort of objects have you photographed within your work, and how have you related these objects to more topical and debated issues today e.g. gender and sexuality?

For my most recent series, I have photographed fruit to resemble the female body according to the ideals of the male gaze. By using objects such as cherries, figs, pomegranate, grapefruit, melons and my knowledge of studio lighting, I have focused on textures to create a sexual atmosphere to my imagery. The male gaze sees the female body as an erotic object. Young women in our society notice this gaze upon them daily. By using objects, I have related this topical issue within my work to suggest and make the viewer think about the subject.

How does your work aim to tackle and to help others who experience issues relating to gender and sexuality?

All of my photographic series have revolved around empowering women through their gender and sexuality. To make them feel strong and confident about any problems they face such as the health issue, Endometriosis, or societies problems with the female body.

How much do you value already having or instead developing a rapport with those you photograph?

Having a personal relationship with those I photograph makes my work more honest and powerful. I believe having a rapport with my subjects gives me the confidence and knowledge to test my concepts to create visually exciting imagery.

Forbidden Fruit 1
All images are taken by Lucie Blissett

What got you interested in your artistic practice?

I have been interested in photography since I chose to study the subject at A-Level, as it appealed to my creativity.

For my first roll of 35mm film, I decided to document my Grandad in his everyday life, as he was an important figure to me. Through photographing my Grandad, I spent more time with him and learned more about his life, which lead to a deeper connection with others within my practice. This project still inspires me to create work that is personal and important to me.

Who are you inspired by?

Maisie Cousins, Petra Collins, Avida Bystrom, Sophie Harris Taylor and Jo Ann Callis are all amazing female photographers that are so inspirational to me and my work.

Also, I am influenced by the female role models in my life. Who are all so strong and independent, no matter what happens.

What are your future aspirations?

To have my work exhibited more in the UK and Abroad. To take time to develop a new photographic series. Gain some experience as a studio assistant and grow as a freelance photographer by working with more clients.

Forbidden Fruit 4
All images are taken by Lucie Blissett

What advice would you recommend to young creatives today?

Take photographs of anything that inspires you and push your concepts to the limits. Learn as much as you can from others around you, always be true to yourself and your practice.


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