FFO: VERY AESTHETICALLY PLEASING COLOUR JAPANESE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY AS WELL AS VERY AESTHETICALLY PLEASING BLACK AND WHITE JAPANESE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Image taken from the series "Exploring Tokyo- Tokyo in Colour" Who are you? Wesley Morgan // (alias) drk__room Is there any specific reason that you decided to go under an alias rather than simply going … Continue reading INTERVIEW: WES MORGAN/DRK___ROOM (PHOTOGRAPHER)


FFO: BRITISH STREET PHOTOGRAPHY (FEATURING GLOOMY BRITISH WEATHER CAPTURED ON FILM) AND NOT YOUR AVERAGE/VERY COOL AND ARTSY SKATE EDITS Who are you? My name is Tim Sunderland and I am 19. Where are you currently based? I am currently based in Brighouse/Huddersfield. What is your current photographic work about? I am currently focusing on … Continue reading INTERVIEW: TIM SUNDERLAND (PHOTOGRAPHER)


For this second interview for DIY YOUTH I decided to reach out to the photographer/politics student Olivia Ford (a northern lass after my own heart). Her work explores themes surrounding the industrialisation and landscape of her hometown Middlesborough, as well as the existing youth culture in Manchester; documenting her findings often via the use of … Continue reading INTERVIEW: OLIVIA FORD (PHOTOGRAPHER)