EPISODE 3- Is my degree worth it?

Well….is it? With all of the creative degrees out there and an increasingly competitive market place to break into, we ask if all this education is worth it. We speak to four people who have different experiences of University education, who are all successful creatives  in their own right.

Seren Metcalfe- multidisciplinary artist

Born in Yorkshire and now attending The Slade School of Fine Art, Seren is a multidisciplinary artist, her work is vast and varied …there’s no real way for me to describe it! So go and get lost in the brilliance of Seren’s work over on her website or her instagram

Iain Wheeldon- Programme Leader: Art Museum & Gallery Studies, Newcastle University

Iain (left) has some great insights into creative professions, University education and how this can be a stepping stone into a career in the arts.
Iain is currently exploring careers in the creative sector, particularly in museums, galleries and heritage. He’s researching this via a podcast where he interviews people on the ground, in the industry. Check out Cultural Peeps.
To see the full extent of Iain’s roles and work you can find out more about him on Newcastle University’s website.

Emma Low- Pottery maker and founder of Pot Yer tits away luv.

Pot maker Emma Low started her pottery business “Pot Yer Tits away luv” in 2017. Advocate for being proud of your boobs, Emma’s hand-crafted pots are moulded into the shape of boobies. Pots can personalised to order or you can choose one of the beautiful pots off of the pot yer tits away website. Emma also sells tee-shirts and prints and is generally out there to remind women that they’re amazing.

Check out Emma’s website where you can view and purchase her pots along with other merchandise.

And have a look at pot yer tit away luv’s instagram.

Rob Kilburn- Documentary Producer and founder of Tyne and Weird

Graduating in 2019 from The University of Sunderland in Digital Film Production, Rob created the page Tyne and Weird where he shares his documentaries, stories of weird local history, urban myths and folklore.

During his time at the University he has made a number of notable documentaries including “Broken windows” about graffiti artists in the North East, “North East Parkour” which won a Royal Television Society Award in 2019 and Rob’s most recent work; “The Two Monkeys” a documentary about the history of two night clubs in Sunderland. 

Rob and the crew winning a National Television Society Award